Andover School Board

The Andover School Board is responsible for the education of all students from Pre- Kindergarten through High School. The Andover Community has the Andover Elementary School that houses grades Pre-K through grade 5. Andover students grades 6-12 have the choice and generally attend Telstar Middle School, Telstar High School, Mountain Valley Middle or Mountain Valley High School. Occasionally a student will attend a Private High School.

The current Board is made up of Paula Lee, Chair, Lindsay Sharkey, Vice- Chair, Betty Davis, Tim Akers, and Pete Coolidge.

School Board Meetings

All community members are welcome to attend School Board meetings. The Board meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 5:00 pm in the Andover Elementary School Library. The meeting schedule will be posted here on this site. From time to time, the Board will schedule additional meetings and workshops to address specific topics, such as budget. Meeting schedules are posted on this site, the Andover Post Office, Andover Town Office, and other locations in town. Each meeting provides a period for comment by members of the community.