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   85 Pine Street, Andover, Maine

Susan A. Pratt- Superintendent of Schools

Board Adopted Budget Version 3-FY 23-



District Budget Meeting- May 25, 2022- 6:00 PM   In-person at Andover Elementary School.



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Fy 22 BUDGET INFORMATIONAL NEWSLETTER: https://secureservercdn.net/

Fy 22 School Budget:  https://secureservercdn.net/

FY 22 Budget Presentation Powerpoint:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NScq_PJVwxGwoHxsaJzcMOO3JUa3-KUv/view?usp=sharing


Andover School Board: Meeting June 22 , 2022. The agenda will be posted under the school board page.

Agendas and Minutes; 2019-22- Found on School Board Tab.


School Calendar 2021-22

 About us:

The Andover Elementary School is a small, rural school serving grades Pre-K thru 5. We offer a full elementary program where the classroom environment gives students a wide variety of individualized instruction with literacy support, along with opportunities in music, art, physical education and co-curricular activities. Our belief is we can offer a unique personalized learning environment where we can create strong relationships with our students and families.   


Our Mission

The phrase “No Child Left Behind” takes on a whole new meaning in our village school. No child falls through the cracks as our staff provides individual instruction to all our students at every grade level. 


Come Visit Us

We welcome you to visit our school and parents are always invited to participate in the learning activities.

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Our mission

The phrase “No Child Left Behind” takes on a whole new meaning in our village school. No child falls through the cracks as our staff provides individual instruction to all our students at every grade level.

                ANDOVER SCHOOL DEPARTMENT POLICIES- Click on blue links for policies

A- Foundations and Basic Commitments- Table of Contents

Section A Policies


                            AC                  Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

                            AC-R              Grievance Procedure for Persons with Disabilities

                            ACA                Gender Neutral Language

                            ACAA             Harassment and Sexual Harassment of Students

                            ACAA-R         Student Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedure

                            ACAB             Harassment and Sexual Harassment of School Employees

                            ACAB-R         Employee Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedure

                            ACAD             Hazing

                            AD                  Educational Philosophy/Mission

                            ADA               School District Goals and Objectives

                            ADAA            School System Commitment to Standards for Ethical and Responsible Behavior

                            ADC                Tobacco-Free Schools: Use and Possession of Tobacco and Electronic Smoking Devices

                            ADF                School District Commitment to Learning Results

                            AEC                Accountability—Reporting to the Board and Public


B- School Committee Governance and Operations- Table of Contents

Section B Policies

                             BB                   School Board Legal Status

                             BBA*              School Board Powers and Responsibilities

                             BBAA             Board Member Authority and Responsibilities

                             BBAB             School Board Self-Evaluation

                             BBBA             Board Member Qualifications

                             BBBDA          Board-Declared Vacancy Caused by Absenteeism

                             BBBE              Unexpired term fulfillment/vacancies

                             BCA                School Board Member Code of Ethics

                             BCB                Board Member Conflict of Interest

                             BCC                Nepotism

                             BDA                Board Organizational Meeting

                             BDB                Board Officers

                             BDD                School Board-Superintendent Relationship

                             BDE                Board Standing Committees

                             BDE-R            Standing Committee Operating Procedures

                             BDF                Board Advisory Committees

                             BDG                School Attorney/Legal Services

                             BE                   School Board Meetings

                             BEA                School Board Use of Electronic Mail (E-Mail)

                             BEB                Board member use of social media

                             BEC                Executive Sessions

                             BEC-E            Executive Session Law

                             BEDA             Notification of Board Meetings

                             BEDB             Agenda

                             BEDB-R         Agenda Format

                             BEDBA          Agenda Format

                             BEDC             Quorum

                             BEDD             Rules of Order

                             BEDF              Voting Method

                             BEDFA           Abstentions

                             BEDG             Minutes

                             BEDH             Public Participation at Board Meetings

                             BEDI               Board Relations with the Media

                             BEDL              Adjournment of Board Meetings

                             BG                  School Board Policy

                             BG-R              Policy Adoption Procedure

                             BIA                 New Board Member Orientation

                             BIB                 Board Member Development Opportunities

                             BIC                 Board Member Freedom of Access Training

                             BIC-E              Certification of Completion of Freedom of Access Training

                             BID                 Board Member Compensation

                             BHC                Board Communication with Staff

C-General School Administration- Table of Contents

Section C Policies

                                CB                   School Superintendent

                                CBI                 Evaluation of the Superintendent

                                CB-R               Superintendent of Schools Job Description

                                CBD                Superintendent Contract

                                CC                   Administrative Organization

                                CF                   School Building Administration

                                CHA                Development of Administrative Procedures

                                CHCAA          Student Handbooks

                                CM                  School District Annual Report


D- Fiscal Management- Table of Contents

Section D Policies

                                   DB                  Budget

                                   DBG                Budget Adoption Process

                                   DD                  Grants

                                   DFA                Revenues from Investments

                                   DFF                 Student Activity Funds

                                   DI                    Fiscal Accounting and Reporting

                                   DID                 Inventories

                                   DIDA              Fixed Assets

                                   DIE                 Audits/ Financial Monitoring

                                   DJ                    Bidding/Purchasing Requirements

                                   DJ-R                Federal Procurement Manual

                                   DJH                 Purchasing and Contracting:  Procurement Staff Code of Conduct

                                   DKC                Expense Reimbursement

                                   DM                  Cash in Schools

                                   DN*                School Properties Disposition

E- Support Services- Table of Contents

Section E Policies

                                      EB                   Environmental and Safety Program

                                      EBAA             Chemical Hazards

                                      EBCA*           Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

                                      EBCB              Emergency Evacuation Drills

                                      EBCC*            Bomb Threats

                                      EBCE              School Closing and Cancellations

                                      EBCF              Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

                                      ECA                Energy Conservation /Management in the Schools

                                      ECB*              Pest Management in School Facilities and on School Grounds

                                       EDE                Waste Management and Recycling

                                       EEA                Student Transportation Services

                                       EEAEA           Student Transportation Employee Requirements, Training and Responsibility

                                       EEAEAA*      Drug and Alcohol Testing of School Bus Drivers

                                       EEAEAA-A   Drug and Alcohol Testing of Van Drivers

                                       EEAEF            Video Cameras on Transportation Vehicles

                                       EEBB              Use of Private Vehicles for School Business

                                       EFC                 Free and Reduced Price Food Services

                                       EFDA              Restrictions on Sale of Foods

                                       EFE*               Competitive Food Sales—Sales of Foods in Competition with the School Food Service Program

                                       EGAD             Copyright Compliance

                                       EGAD-R         Copyright Compliance Guidelines

                                       EHB                Records Management

G- Personnel- Table of Contents

Section G Policies

                                        GAB                Job Descriptions

                                        GBB                Staff Involvement in Decision Making

                                        GBEBB           Staff Conduct with Students

                                        GBEC*           Drug-Free Workplace

                                        GBGAA          Bloodborne Pathogens

                                        GBGE             Return to Work and Light Duty Assignments

                                        GBIA              Staff Participation in Political Activities

                                        GBJ                 Personnel Records and Files

                                        GBJC              Retention of Application Materials

                                        GBM               Employee References

                                        GBN                Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)

                                        GBN-R1          Family and Medical Leave Administrative Procedure

                                        GBN-R2          Maine Family and Medical Leave Administrative Procedure

                                        GBO                Family Care Leave

                                       GCF                Professional Staff Hiring

                                       GCFA             Employee Social Media Privacy

                                       GCFA-E          Faculty Social Media Exhibit

                                       GCFB*            Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff

                                       GCFB-R*        Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff Administrative Procedure

                                        GCGA             Substitute Teachers and Educational Specialists

                                        GCI*               Professional Staff Development Opportunities

                                        GCK                Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers

                                        GCOA*           Supervision and Evaluation of Professional Staff

                                        GCOC*           Evaluation of Administrative Staff

                                        GCOC             Resignation of School Unit Employees

                                        GCQCA          School Unit Employee References

                                        GCSA             Employee Use of School IssuredComputer/Devises and Internet

                                        GCSA-E1        Employee Request for Privately Owned Computer Form

                                        GCSA-R         Employee Computer Devise and Internet Rules

                                        GDA               Support Staff Position

                                        GDF                Support Staff Employment

I- Instruction- Table of Contents

Section I Part 1 Policies

Section I part 2 Policies

                                         ID                    School Day

                                         IE                    Organization of Instruction

                                         IGA                 Curriculum Development and Adoption

                                         IGBI                LAU Plan

                                         IHA                 Basic Instructional Program

                                         IHBA              Individual Education Programs (IEPs)

                                         IHBAA           Referral and Use of General Education Interventions

                                         IHBAA-R       Referral Procedures and General Education Interventions

                                         IHBAC            Child Find

                                         IHBAI             Special Education Independent Evaluations

                                         IHBAK           Life-Sustaining Emergency Care

                                         IHBAL            Grievance Procedure for Persons with Disabilities (alternative code AC-R)

                                         IHBB              Gifted and Talented Education

                                         IHBEA            Program for English Language Learners

                                         IHBG              Home Schooling

                                         IHBGA           Home Schooling—Participation in School Programs

                                         IHD                 Adult/Community Education

                                          IJJ                    Instructional and Library-Media Materials Selection

                                          IJNDB             Student Computer and Internet Use and Internet Safety

                                          IJBDB-E         Student Computer/Internet Acceptable Use Form

                                          IJNDB-R         Student Computer and Internet Use Rules

                                          IJNDC             School System Website/Web Pages

                                          IJOA               Field Trips and Other Student Travel

                                          IJOC                School Volunteers

                                           IJOC-E            School Volunteer Agreement

                                           IK                    Evaluation of Student Achievement

                                           IKAB              Grading and Reporting of Student Progress

                                           IKB                 Homework

                                           IKE                 Promotion, Retention and Acceleration of Students

                                           IL                    Evaluation of Instructional Programs

                                           ILA                 Student Assessment

                                           ILD                 Educational Research:  Student Submission to Surveys, Analyses, or Evaluations

                                           IMB                Teaching About Controversial/Sensitive Issues

                                           IMBB              Exemptions from Required Instruction

                                           IMC                Guest Speakers in Schools

                                           IMDA             Patriotic Exercises

                                           IMDB              Flag Displays

                                           IMG                Animals in Schools

                                           IMGA             Service Animals in Schools (alternative code ACE)

J- Students- Table of Contents

Section J Part 1 Policies

Section J Part 2 Policies

Section J Part 3 Policies

                                       JEA                 Compulsory Attendance

                                       JEAA              Student Attendance/Student Absences and Tardiness

                                       JFAA              Admission of Resident Students

                                      JFAB               Admission of Non-Resident Students

                                      JFABD            Education of Homeless Students

                                      JFC                  Dropout Prevention—Student Withdrawal from School

                                      JGAA              Assignment of Students to Classes—Five-Year-Olds

                                      JGAB              Assignment of Students to Classes: Transfer Students and Home Schooling Students

                                       JHB                 Truancy

                                       JI                     Student Rights and Responsibilities

                                       JIC                  Student Code of Conduct

                                       JICA                Student Dress

                                       JICC                Student Conduct on School Buses

                                       JICH                Drug and Alcohol Use by Students

                                        JICIA              Weapons, Violence and School Safety

                                        JICK                Bullying

                                        JICK-R            Bullying Administrative Procedure

                                        JICK-E1          Bullying Report Form

                                        JICK-E2          Bullying Investigation and Response Form

                                        JICK-E3          Bullying: Summary of Disciplinary and Remedial Actions

                                         JICK-E4          Bullying Reporting, Investigation and Intervention/Resolution Process (Flowchart)

                                          JIH                  Questioning and Searches of Students

                                          JIH-R              Questioning and Searches of Students Administrative Procedure

                                          JJE                  Student Fundraising Activities

                              Interscholastic Activities

                                          JJIF                 Management of Concussions and Other Head Injuries

                                          JJIF-E              Concussion Information Sheet

                                          JK                    Student Discipline

                                          JKAA              Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion

                                         JKAA-R          Physical Restraint and Seclusion – Administrative Procedure

                                          JKD                 Suspension of Students

                                          JKE                 Expulsion of Students

                                         JKE-R             Expulsion Guidelines

                                         JKF                 Disciplinary Removal of Students with Disabilities

                                         JKF-R             Disciplinary Removal of Students with Disabilities Administrative Procedure

                                          JL                    Student Wellness

                                         JLCA              Physical Examinations of Students

                                         JLCB               Immunization of Students

                                         JLCC               Communicable/Infectious Diseases

                                         JLCD              Administration of Medication to Students

                                         JLD                 Guidance and Counseling

                                         JLDBG            Reintegration of Students from Juvenile Correctional Facilities

                                          JLF                  Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

                                          JRA                 Student Education Records and Information

                                          JRA-R             Student Education Records and Information Administrative Procedure

                                          JRA-E             Notification of Rights under FERPA

K-School-Community-Home Relations- Table of Contents

Section K Policies

                                           KBF                Parent Involvement in Title I

                                           KBF-E1          Title I Parent Involvement Policy (District-Level Template)

                                           KCD                Public Gifts/Donations to the Schools

                                           KDA               Public Information Program

                                           KDB                Public’s Right to Know/Freedom of Access

                                           KDD               Media Relations

                                           KE                   Public Concerns and Complaints

                                           KF                   Community Use of School Facilities

                                           KHB                Advertising in the Schools

                                           KHC                Distribution of Non-school Materials

                                           KI                    Visitors to the Schools

                                           KLG                Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities