Andover School Department  is Accepting ESEA Application Comments ​

ASD accepts funding through the Elementary and Secondary Act (ESEA) of 1965. As part of ESEA, ASD is required to provide reasonable opportunity for public comment on the consolidated application and consider such comment prior to the submission of the application. ASD is accepting public comment on the ESEA application through July 16, 2023. 

FY24 Title Allocations (Preliminary)
Title 1 $ 1,240.15
Title II $ 2,353.35
Title IV $10,000.00
Sub Total $13,593.52

FY24 Final Allocations

TII$2,353.37Moved to TI
TIV$10,000.00Moved to T1
SRSA$ 7,568.61This is the federal Small, Rural School Achievement grant.

Overview of FY24 ESEA Application

The application is organized into projects.  Below are the two projects  with a brief description. Funds can be moved from one Title into another.

The application is organized into projects. Below are the two projects with brief descriptions. It is worth noting that ASD received about 67% less funds this year because the state changed the way they allocate money.

Project #1 Set Aside Projects — Homeless
Homeless student needs will be addressed through the Title I program as needed.  We will use the funds to address any individual needs and supplies the student(s) may need to fully engage in the educational program.   
Title 1 $50
Project  – School Wide Program
Goals – To increase literacy and mathematics achievement as demonstrated by NWEA scores from fall 2023 – spring 2024. Funds go into the school-wide project to pay for Title 1 staff, professional development, training, and some materials/supplies.

The FY 24 ESEA Application Public Survey was open from July 3-16 to share your thoughts about the application goals and priorities.

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